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Emerging from the Ashes

In a post-apocalyptic Miami, Conner navigates survival, love, and responsibility. After a mutant attack claims his mother, Connor's quest for family intertwines with the challenges of humanity. His romance with the mysterious Eva brings hope amid the mutant dangers, but as they face the realities of a harsh world, Conner must balance his duties to the community with the prospect of fatherhood.



A respected surgeon with a brilliant mind harbors a chilling secret - he is also the elusive serial killer stalking the streets of Miami. Balancing a life of healing by day and unleashing a macabre alter ego by night, John navigates the fine line between savior and slayer. Inspector Morris races against time to unravel the enigma surrounding the escalating body count. A heart pounding game of cat and mouse which blurs the lines between good and evil.


The Doll invites you into the eerie realm where a malevolent force weaves through five spine-chilling tales, all stemming from the ominous presence of a cursed doll. As each story unfolds, the unsuspecting characters grapple with escalating horrors, from inexplicable phenomena to nightmarish visions. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of terror as the cursed doll leaves a trail of fear, blurring the lines between reality and the supernatural. Brace for a journey into the unknown, where the only certainty is the chilling grip of the malevolent doll's curse.



In a world ravaged by a catastrophic nanobot experiment gone awry, humanity teethers on the brink of extinction. Once majestic animals have now been infected and mutated by the microscopic invaders and have risen to the dominant species turning the planet into an unforgiving dystopia. Conner a young man from a dwindling settlement emerges as an unlikely hero. As he uncovers the dark secrets that cause the fall he will also make unexpected allies in his quest to turn back the world.


Embark on a delectable journey with Chef Mac, who after a kitchen fire, finds himself in a fantastical real craving culinary innovation. Armed with earthly flavors and a passion for cooking, he introduces the locals to a symphony of tastes they never imagined. This is a slice of life tale weaving friendship, love, and the magic that happens when the art of cooking transcends realms.



Venture beyond the realms of reality in 'Reborn in Alaira,' as ordinary meets extraordinary when protagonist Alvin is unexpectedly whisked away to the mystical world of Alaira. Embraced by destiny, Alvin discovers newfound purpose as the chosen champion of a benevolent deity. Tasked with confronting the looming darkness that shrouds the land, our hero embarks on an epic odyssey, facing formidable foes and forging unbreakable alliances. Will Alvin rise to the challenges, protecting the innocent and becoming a beacon of hope in Alaira's darkest hour? Prepare for a tale where courage, magic, and destiny converge in a breathtaking adventure.


In the vast expanse of space, Dr. Johnson embarks on a cruicial mission aboard the Nautillus destined for the Mars colony. As the ship hurdles through the cosmic abyss, a mysterious virus infiltrates the vessel, targeting the minds of her patients. Dr, Johnson must navigate the thin line between science and survival, racing against time to unravel the Martian virus.



In a world where the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, a young computer programmer named Logan is unexpectedly chosen to represent humanity in the Trials - a series of challenges that will determine the planet's future. With his unparalleled coding skills and unwavering determination, As he navigates through the trials, he discovers a hidden strength within herself and forms unlikely alliances. But with the clock ticking and the stakes higher than ever, Logan must race against time to prove that Earth is worthy of its place in the cosmos.


This is a simple American history guide covering some of the most important events and people in American history told in a pro American point of view. 



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