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Super Tuesday :Aftermath

Yesterday's Super Tuesday primaries delivered a commanding victory for former President Donald Trump, solidifying his position as the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Meanwhile, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced her decision to drop out of the race after only barely winning just one state.

Trump's dominant performance on Super Tuesday has established him as the presumptive nominee, and his campaign will now focus on building a coalition of voters that can propel him to victory in the general election. However, while Trump's victory was resounding, it was not without its challenges. The deep state and the old guard of the GOP are still aligned against him and will not stop from trying to prevent him from becoming the next president.

Meanwhile on the Democratic primary we saw a large number of protest votes against Biden and even a loss in American Samoa.

In Michigan, a significant number of Democratic voters cast an "uncommitted" vote in protest against President Biden's foreign policy and his handling of the Israel-Palestine conflict. This protest vote highlights the discontent that exists within the Democratic Party and underscores the need for President Biden to address these concerns ahead of the general election. Yesterday in Minnesota just over 46,000 people voted uncomited in a protest vote against Joe Biden.

With Haley's departure Trump's path to the nomination is now secured. However, some within the GOP have expressed concerns about Trump's electability in the general election. When we look at last nights numbers we see that Trump received more votes across the board last night on the primary than Joe Biden.

Overall, Super Tuesday 2024 has provided valuable insights into the state of the presidential race. Trump's dominant performance and Haley's departure have solidified the former president's position, while the Democratic Party must contend with the discontent that exists within its ranks. As the race continues to unfold, the country will be watching closely to see how these dynamics play out and what they mean for the future of American politics.

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